Kingdom of The Netherlands

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In the following paragraphs you will learn about the Netherlands and some culture elements. Did you know that the Netherlands has more than six hundred museums throughout the Netherlands and also that it is popular for friends to kiss on alternating cheeks three times when greeting each other? If those facts were interesting, then keep reading.

Culture Element 1: Education

Children go to school between the ages of 5 and 18 in the Netherlands.
Primary education ends at age 12.
Children can attend a Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or nonreligious school, but all of them study the same subjects.

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During the last 2 years of primary school, students learn English.
Once students complete 2 years of secondary school, they can choose between different types of high schools to help prepare them for jobs or college.

Leiden University
Leiden University

Culture Element 2: Communication

The language that is mostly spoken in the Netherlands is Dutch.

Dutch alphabet
Dutch alphabet

About 500,000 people speak Frisian, the official language of Friesland.
English, German, and French are also commonly spoken in the Netherlands.
When talking on the phone, both people identify themselves before beginning a conversation; it is rude if you don’t.
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Another language they speak in the Netherlands is a type of Dutch called Flemish.

Culture Element 3: History

The Netherlands’ official name is the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
A lot of people know the Netherlands as Holland.
In the first century B.C., the Roman Empire ruled the country.

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The fall of the Roman Empire was A.D. 476.
During the 1500s, The Netherlands, along with Belgium and Luxembourg, were known as the Low Countries, were all ruled by Spain.
The Netherlands remained neutral through World War I but was attacked by Germany in World War II.
In 1980, Queen Juliana gave up her throne for her daughter Queen Beatrix, who is head of state today.

Queen Juliana
Queen Juliana

Queen Beatrix
Queen Beatrix

Culture Element 4: Economy

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The Netherlands has a good and stable economy.
This country is highly industrialized and efficient.
Selling flowers is a big business.
The Netherlands grows more than half of the world's flower exports and they also export food.

In the Netherlands, their currency is Euros.

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