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Cool Croatia

Croatia can be the most interesting Country in Europe. The modern necktie came from Croatia; they were worn by Croatian soldiers in the 18th century. A man named Eduard Slavoljub Penkala invented the ballpoint pen in Croatia. The Dalmatian dog was named after the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

Culture Category 1 – Education
Many children are enrolled in a Secondary School at age Three, but they are required to enroll at a Vocational School age seven. Croatia has many Vocational Schools and Secondary schools, the country has 4 Universities.
Culture Category 2 – Food external image univzg4.jpg
Most of the food comes from the sea. The people that live near the sea eat more sea food. The people that live in the inland eat more of potatoes and meat. Some of the food comes from Italy, Hungary, and Austria. The kids eat bread with butter, jam, and salami. The kids also like to eat pizza.
Culture Category 3 – Governmentexternal image pizza_ua%5B1%5D.jpg
Croatia is a Democratic country, (Like the United States) that means that Croatians elect their own president. But unlike the United States the Croatian President then elects a Prime Minister; this is called a Presidential Parliamentary Republic. Croatia has a 153-seat house with 21 different “Countries” with their own local government. The Voting Age is 18.
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Culture Category 3 – History
Croatia separated from Yugoslavia. However some people wanted to stay with Yugoslavia. Croatia provided looser group independent countries. Yugoslavia had a war against Croatia and killed thousands of people on both sides. Many old buildings were destroyed in the war. In 1995 with help of military troops were sent in by United Nation and the Serbs were defeated.

Culture Category 4 – Economy
Because of wars in Croatia over the 1990’s many factories have gone idle, but in the past years they have slowly rebuilt and have been shipping out things like; furniture, fuel, wine, machines, and electronics. Most people earn money by tourism, but lately because of wars and the rebuilding Government, they have gone out of business. The Government is working on rebuilding factories and the tourism in Croatia. The Croatian currency is called a Kuna, but they do accept U.S. dollars and European Euros. external image 5kuna_l.gif


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