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Introduction - United Kingdom is a very interesting country to learn about. This country is a joined country with Wales, Scotland , and Ireland. Thats why it is called "United" kingdom. Also this country is where golf got started way back in the 1500's . Its is also famous for its Scottish dish named Haggis that is mad entirely out of sheep , oats , and spices inside of a sheeps stomach.

History - The earliest human presence dated back in 5,000. Vikings raided the island, the last invasion was 1066, when William Normandy won the battle of Hastings. in 55 B.C. Julius Ceaser invaded England and defeated the Celts and began turbulent Roman rule that lasted until A.D. 406, when Roman groups were called to Rome. Wales, Scotland, Ireland, joined England and became United Kingdom after world war 1. Most expansion stopped during world war 2. Britan wasn't prepared for world war 2. Their prime minister tried to make peace but failed.

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Religion - In the 16th century england split from Roman cathlic church to form a church of england , Anglican church. Anglicans and other christions make up most of the United kingdom . There is about 3% muslums , 1% Hindu , .7% Sikh , and .5 % jewish. Many claim no religion . Most people in the united Kingdom celebrate Christmas & Easter .There tradition is to give christmas cards to others. The put there wish list in the fire so that "santa " can read from the smoke that rises out of the chimney .

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Groups - United kingdom most popular sport is futbol; wich in America we call it soccer . Also Horse racing is very popular because people bet on the horses to win lots of money. Some other popular sports are boxing , tennis , & football . In the 1500;s the scotts had in invented the sport golf. A normal family in United Kingdom consists of a husband and a wife usaully having around 2 - 3 children . The children usaully get their jobs in the late teens or early twenties,

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Material culture / food - Scotlands national dish is called haggis wich is made from ground sheep entrails, mixed with oats, &spices tied in a sheeps stomach and cooked throughly. Also a very common dish is Fish & Chips , the fish is eaten with either vinegar or tomato sauce. Also served with pickled onions , & gherkins on the side . The usaully will eat it at pubs to socialize.

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