Beautiful Switzerland

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Switzerland is not only famous for it's Alps Mountains, but Switzerland also has delicious chocolate. Saint Bernards, are famous for finding people in dence fog, and snow, they are also the unofficial dog of Switzerland. The Alpine region of Switzerland, has about 10,000 avalanches a year. Today you will learn about the Religon of Switzerland, the three types of government, the daily life for a person, and groups in Switzerland. Enjoy!
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There are four different types of religion in Switzerland. The first type is Christianity. Christianity came through Roman merchants and soliders. Christianity first started in the Early Middle Ages. The second type of religion is Catholic. In the 16th cenutry, war between the Protestand and Catholic states started. The other type is Protestanism. The two main centers of Protestantism in Switzerland were Zurich, influenced of John Calvin, and German Speaking. The last type of Religion in Switzerland is Roman Catholicism. Almost half of Switzerlands population is Roman Catholicism.
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There are three types of government in Switzerland.The first type is the Fedral Government. The Federal Government is responsible for issues affecting the county. It is a seven-member Federal Council. There is also a Federal Assembly, with a 200-seat National Council. Also , a new president is elected each year. The second level has 22 cantons or territories. It is also responsible for it's own government, education, law force and welfare. The third level is for each city or town to have its own government, to take care of local matters. Voting age is 18.
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Daily Life

Typical life is Switzerland, starts with a normal breakfeast, which is buttered sliced of break with jam, or cheese. On Sundays, the bread is replaced by crossiants. Coffee or tea is what they usually drink. Stand westling or Schingmen, is a traditional sport. They wear wrestling dreeches; or tratitional costumes. You can see this at regional festivals or in mountain villages. Every child must attend Elemantary School; but Kindergarden is not reguired. Kindergarden is not reguired because school usually starts at the age seven.
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Football, or Soccer is the most famous sport in Switzerland and Europe. European Soccer is all over the tevevision, radio, and it's also in the newspaper. Switzerland is famous for it's music festivals, ranging from Rock, to Classical. In Summer and around Easter, the Menohin Festival in Gistaad, and in the Winter, the Snow Air Festival plays famous music. Red Cross was started by Henri Dunant in 1863. Switzerland Red Cross (SRC) is a private group that also carries out public tasks.
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