Lithuania and its surroundings
Lithuania and its surroundings

Welcome to Luithuania!
I bet you didnt know-
  • brides are the only ones with white flowers, carnations are for mourning or other occasions.
  • Basketball is the main sport.
  • Gardens are popular in cities and on the outskirts of town.
  • Leaving food on the plate means the meal was not good and it is impolite.
The capital of Lithuania is vilnius. The adult Literacy rate is 99% for men and women. The babys that die before thier first birthday, a.k.a. Infant mortality rate, is 6, per 1,000. The life expectancy is 66 for men and 78 for women.

Religion in Lithuania

The religion in Lithuania is mostly Roman Catholic. There are other religions in Lithuania to. Such as Calvinist and Lutheren, which

are very small. calvinist being only 15,000 people. Lutheren being only 35,000 people. there is also Orthodox, and Juduism. Ultimately Roman catholic is the main religion. Over 80% if Lithuania is Roman Catholic. Pope John Paul the 2nd visited Lithuania on September 4, 1993.
Roman Catholic- Vilnius Cathedral
Roman Catholic- Vilnius Cathedral

Lithuania Economy
These are the manufacturings that Lithuania has made most off:


Food Processing
external image 01-large-cartoon-cash.gif
Furniture making

Petroleum Refinery



(Part of Economy)Agriculture:

external image galvij5.jpgCattle Farming



Sugar Beets


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Lithuanian Daily
Lithuania has very populated areas and some areas that haven’t changed since the late 1800’s.Lithuanians try to bring their culture into daily life.
Rural Areas: Rural living consists of small family farms way out in the country. They harvest fruit from fruitrees, vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Urban Areas: Most Lithuanians that live In apartments 645.83sq ft. Lithuania has come more populated after World War 2.
Lithuania’s Medieval History
Lithuania has been successful in keeping knights in shining armor away, and maintaining the country’s sovereignty and religion. By the early 1300’s the Lithuanian empire had stretched all the way to Belarus, and the Ukraine. At the beginning of World War II the soviets invaded Lithuania. Short after that the Soviet Socialist Republic was declared. Thousands of people fled (or were taken) Lithuania to prevent Russionization by Russia.
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