Let's Explore France!!
In France there are many major events. In history there is the French Revolution and both World Wars have took place around France. In religion there is many different religions by there is one that stands out the most. In this report on France you will be learning about the history first then you will be learning about Frances religion.

History:The French Revolution
In 1789 King Louis the 16th tried to deal with the crisis by gathering the old Estates General, consisting of three groups: clergy, nobles, and commoners. The king gathered 20,000 royal troops to Paris. In 1791 a new consitution changed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. King Louis and his wife, Queen Marie-Antoinette tried to flee the country but were arrested and forced to sign the new constitution. In April 1792 France went to war with Austria and Prussia. Later on the king and queen were killed.06_french_revolution.jpg

About 90% of French is Christian, but most people dont attend church on a regular basis. Roman Catholicism is the main religion. Most people still have a priest for important reason such as: getting baptized, getting married, and being buried by the church. In the countryside baptism and first communion are still important rites. The Catholic Church has made tremendous effoets to get closer to people, many ceremonial traditions have been external image FranceMap03.gifabandoned.external image DSCN2043_1024pix.jpg

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