France is the most Historical Place in the world. There is so much to see & do like watching the excitement of the "Tour de france", seeing
the most cherised icon of france "The Eiffel Tower", the most popular destination spot "The Palace of Versailles",and the most visited site
is "The Mont Saint-Michel", and so much more other wonderful attractions!
Culture & Arts: France has been a center of cultural creation for centuries. Many of the french artists have been among the most renowed of
their time, and is still much recognized and admired in the world for it's very rich culturel tradition. Along with having the Greatest paintings
France has the highest number of tourists per year, welcoming more than 50 Million people!
Music: Although the musical creation in France dates back to the middle ages, it knew its golden age in the seventeeth century thanks to Louis
xiv who employed several musicians and composers in the royal court. From that point on france is dedicated to classical & opera music.
Tourism: The most popular thing about France is the tourism. France is ranked as the first tourist destinationin the world. France features
cities of high cultural interest, beaches and seaside resorts, and rural regions that may enjoy the beauty and tranquillity.

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Education in France: The education in france is highly competitive, expecting students to master a wide range of subjects. Study shows that an impresssive 99% of the population of the age of 15 & above can read & write. The french education system is based on discipline & innovation
that's why the teachers strive their students to work hard & participate actively in class. In french schools the teaching of computer skills is
well-intergated into the curriculum. In secondary schools they consist 4 years of college & 3 years of lycee` which means when they can continue thier education, prepare for a job, and have better grades in the future.

Daily life in France: When french people wake up in the morning, they start off there day just like many people in america but there daliy life not
so much. Housing:The housing in france is some what different than american housing is, like for example for the holidays a large number
of people own a second house! also if you are intending to get a morgage property it's to open a french account to make things better.
Transportation: you must be wondering how do french people get to one place to another is by having 4 options: Buses, trains, taxis, or having your
privately own car or bicycle etc..
Communication: communication in france is very difficult because you have the choice of having a telephone, post a via online, having a terrestrail
tv, or having a satellite tv!
Shopping:Just about every village in france has a selection of shops. all the shops close on sundays.