Big Fat Sassy Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the whole world!!
It has so much history , and culture. This giant country is considerd
as a Part of two continents , Asia and Europe. The people in the United states has had
Russian Flag
Russian Flag

one war with russia, the Cold War. There is so much we've learned from the past and the present Russia.

The Goverment of Russia
The elections for president of Russia are similar tohow we elect presidents here in the U.S.A. The president of Russia
Serves for about a four year term.The Fediral Assembly is split intowo classes,the lower class has about 450 members. The upper half of
the fediral assembly has 178 members. Their is also one diffrence between the upper half and lower half, the upper half focuses on making the laws. external image russia.jpg

Russian Educational system
Russia has always had a great educational system. Also,
some people say that russia has one of the highest literacy rates [98%]And still going higher!!!! Even to get into a russian college is challenging, you would have to take an entry exam and yet still apply. When you apply for a college
you have to apply for a certain study. The colleges can range between $2000 and
$8000 thats with a dorm room.

external image students.jpg

Russian Sports [group]external image Sport_National_team_of_Russia_on_football_014139_.jpg
Russia is one of the top ranking countries in the olympics.
When they've went to the olympics the won a medal 14 out of the 18
times they have been there. Other sports that is played in russia is team handball
, and rugby union. Russia was also very good at basketball, they've won many
olympic tournments. They also have one player that is in the NBA
his name is Andrie Kirilinko.

The History of Russia
Early Slavs
Early Slavs

Russian people are slavs, slavic people were divided into
northern slavs , southern slavs, eastern slaves, and western slavs.
the first details of slavs were found in the fifth and sixth century by historians.
the records state that, slavs were tall, handsom, and strong people with nice hair.
The main job they would do was farming, they would also hunt and trade goods.
They also had battles with scandinvain vikings from the north and nomads coming from the south.

Early Slav picture-
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